NYC DOB Work in Progress Information Sign for Commercial Buildings.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a query to: info@NYCBuildingSignage.com or to call 1-877-SIGNAGE (1-877-744-6243).

Ensure you have with you the following information.


a) Anticipated Date of Completion:

b) Owner's Name:

c) Owner's Address:

d) Owner's Phone #:

e) For more information, who should one call? (Provide a phone number).

f) General Contractor's Name:

g) General Contractor's Address:

h) General Contractor's Phone #:

i) General Contractor's License # (optional)

j) Is the frontage of your construction worksite less than 60' ft?   

k) Attach Permit (in Image or PDF) 

l) Attach Building Rendering Image or Elevation Drawing.

 a phone number)and we will set it up as per DOB code requirements.  

m) Where should we deliver the sign to?  Provide us with the name of recipient, phone number, and full delivery address.


Work in Progress Sign Quote:

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