Room ID Signs


If you own an apartment building, hotel, or other multi-unit structure in New York City, you must have appropriate room ID signs. NYC Building Signage can provide you with compliant signs which meet those requirements. 


What Regulations Specify Room ID Sign Requirements?


As explained here, "The Fire Department adopts a rule, 3 RCNY §505-01, entitled 'Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs,' to set forth standards and requirements for the design and placement of entrance door room number markings for dwelling units (apartments, guest rooms and sleeping rooms) in Group R-1 and Group R-2 buildings and occupancies, and building lobby and building hallway corridor directional signs." These rules are relatively recent; they went into effect in 2016. 


Room ID signs are required to help emergency workers quickly render lifesaving medical and fire-fighting services. Their sole purpose is to increase safety for the tenants of a structure as well as emergency personnel. It also helps to protect your building, and therefore, your business. 


Moreover, you must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with your signage. That ADA may require your room ID signs to be manufactured with raised appliqué lettering and Braille, while others simply need to be printed on 0.40" aluminum sheet metal. By fulfilling this requirement, you are maximizing accessibility and safety for everyone in your building.


What Happens If You Do Not Have Valid Room ID Signs?


If you do not have proper room identification signs, you are posing an unnecessary and avoidable hazard to emergency workers as well as tenants, guests, or the staff in your building. Moreover, violations could result in fines for missing or incorrect signage. We ensure that you have the right signage for your building - with us, you avoid the fees and violations while ensuring your building occupants safety.


Our Regulation-Compliant Room Identification Signs


Since the Fire Department adopted the signage rule, we have provided room ID signs that comply with all business regulations throughout NYC. That means that they meet all design requirements, including the appropriate fonts, spacing, colors, and contrasts. Our signs are durable and ready to stand up to daily wear and tear, allowing you to keep the same room ID signs for many years to come.


We highly recommend that you become familiar with these requirements yourself. But we know that they can be daunting to explore on your own. As we are highly versed in New York's signage regulations, we can answer any questions you may have and help ensure that you are compliant during the ordering process. Once you receive your room ID signs, you will need to place them at the appropriate locations and heights to finish satisfying the requirements. 


Order Your Room Identification Signs in NYC Now


At NYC Building Signage, we can get you your room ID signs fast. Ready to take the next step? Please give us a call today at 1-877-SIGNAGE to get a quote. During your consultation, we can discuss your building in detail and answer any questions you may have concerning regulatory requirements. When your signs are ready, we deliver them. It's that simple.