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NYC Building Signage is committed to keeping your employees and jobsites safe through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Explore our COVID compliance resources and implementation tips and shop for all of your signage needs.



Are you in compliance with New York State’s COVID guidelines? Learn more about current state regulations for construction jobs sites and explore our site to find out how NYC Building Signage can help.



We help alleviate compliance headaches by delivering all the signage you need to keep your jobsite safe and your employees healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.



Follow our easy step-by-step guide to stay in compliance with state and federal laws and ensure you’re doing your part in slowing the spread and also following proper health regulations.  


Learn and Prepare


Create Your Plan


Take Action

  • Purchase all signage necessary to implement your COVID-19 compliance plan. NYC Building Signage can meet all of your needs, including (Here, link to your various signs in the list below)

    • Social Distancing Signage: Establish safe social distancing guidelines and practices across your construction jobsite with high-quality, high-visibility signage   

    • Mask Policy Signage: Inform site employees and visitors of social distance policies in accordance with state and federal guidelines

    • Max Capacity Signage: Practice social distancing measures and reduce the spread of illness with capacity signs posted in high-traffic, high use, and small spaces

    • Posted Pick Up and Delivery Signage: Safely and efficiently direct delivery and pick up drivers to safe locations to drop off and receive goods

    • Handwashing Signage: Remind workers and guests to practice good handwashing hygiene in accordance with health guidelines

    • Cleaning and Sanitization Signage: Remind workers to clean and sanitize workstations and ensure employees and visitors are adhering to good environmental hygiene practices to stop the spread of COVID

    • DOB Signage: Remind workers and guests of state policies regarding social distancing, PPE, and more

    • Infection Control Signage: Prevent visitors and employees exhibiting symptoms from entering jobsites with clearly marked signage

    • Temperature Check Signage: Clearly demonstrate your commitment to safety with signage that shares your company’s screening policies

    • Other Signage: We offer a wide range of COVID-19 related signage or can customize a product to meet your needs.


Avoid Costly Violations

  • Review the DOB Inspection Checklist and prepare for site visits to ensure compliance.
    Issues to be reviewed include…


    • 6 feet of distance between employees and visitors at all times, unless required by nature of the work

    • All personnel must use face coverings, unless medically exempt

    • Enforce 50% capacity in confined spaces and post capacity limits

    • Appoint a designated site safety monitor to ensure compliance

    • Post signage to enforce social distancing, face coverings, sanitation, etc.

    • Safety plans must be posted throughout site

    • A COVID safety communication plan for site personnel and visitors must be accessible

    • An ongoing log of personnel having close contact with other site visitors or personnel

    • Visible and accessible hand sanitizing stations across the jobsite

    • Visible and accessible cleaning and sanitation logs throughout the site, updated accordingly

  • Ensure a clean report and avoid citations and steep fines ($5,000-$10,000) by purchasing all of your COVID-19 signs for construction jobsites in NYC from us.

Additional Tips to Enhance Safety and Compliance

  • Ensure that all signs and logs are clearly displayed

  • Err on the side of more signage versus less signage

  • Clearly and regularly communicate masking, social distancing, and screening policies to jobsite personnel and visitors

  • Implement an internal reporting system and response plan for employees who report COVID symptoms

  • Review and revise action plans as deemed necessary


We are NYC’s most trusted provider of construction jobsite signs. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting jobsites across the globe, we are committed keeping people safe and serving our local partners to ensure COVID compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Discover why we are NYC’s favorite sign provider and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are safely conducting business across all of your jobsites.


  • Healthier, Safer Jobsites

Keep your workers safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 on your construction jobsite by posting health and safety policies and also PPE requirements. Our sign verbiage and visual set up is vetted by law experts ensuring you remain in compliance and your employees and visitors stay healthy.


  • Durable Construction

We are a premier provider of signs for construction jobs site in NYC. Local contractors trust us thanks to our high-quality signage made of durable materials, so your investment will lasts for years to come, even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Competitive Pricing

Quality signage doesn’t have to bust your budget. We provide cost-effective solutions that beat the competition while delivering a huge ROI by saving you from costly fines and violations.


  • Made Locally, Delivered Fast

Our signs are made locally and can be produced within 24 hours. With quick turnaround times and fast local delivery, we ensure that your site signage needs are always taken care of when they arise.  


  • Preserving Your Reputation Is Our Mission

Keeping you in compliance with local, state, and national laws and preserving your reputation as a quality, trusted construction services provider is our mission.







We deliver the construction jobsite resources you need to keep your personnel informed, safe, and compliant with COVID regulations.   Join the thousands of NYC contractors who trust NYC Building Signage for all of their signage needs.



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