HPD Signs

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Have a property registered with the New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)?


If so, to comply with HPD's requirements in accordance with the New York City Housing Maintenance Code, you need to display appropriate HPD signage on your property. HPD provides detailed descriptions of the required signage here.

What Types of HPD Signs Do You Need? 


Here are some of the HPD signs you may need to purchase for your property:


  • Boiler room information sign

  • Carbon monoxide detecting device notice

  • Certification of inspection

  • Emergency sign

  • Fire safety notice

  • Floor number sign

  • Garbage accumulation sign

  • Gas leak notice

  • Janitor sign

  • Serial number sign

  • Smoke detector notice

  • Street number sign


Tenants can read HPD signs to quickly understand the rules and procedures which pertain to the situations in the list above. They are informative and tell them what to do in case of a gas leak, or how to get in touch with the building's maintenance or emergency services.


Some additional signage may be required depending on the type of property you operate. For example, if you own a Hotel or Class B rooming unit, you must post the maximum occupancy per room. 


Ensure that you have out the exact full list of HPD signs you need for your specific type of building. If you have questions regarding requirements, we can help you out during the order process as we experts in HPD regulations in New York. 


Our HPD Signs Are Manufactured to Regulatory Specifications


HPD not only determines what types of signs you need to display, but also the format and materials for those signs. In compliance with their requirements, we print our HPD signs on sturdy aluminum sheet metal. The majority of these signs feature black print on a white backdrop. 


Along with ensuring the durability and proper formatting of your signs, we also print the text clearly and precisely for maximum readability in the required font. That way your signs guarantee you comply with HPD regulations in New York. 


Avoid Penalties by Displaying All Required Signage


What happens if you don't display the correct HPD Signage? If HPD discovers that you do not have a sign posted, you could pay a fee of up to $250. That is just the fee for a single missing sign. If you are missing multiple signs, your expenses could pile up fast. So Call: 1-877-SIGNAGE if you need a sign.  


We Can Print HPD Signs for Your Property Fast


It isn't worth taking the risk that your occupants will be unsafe or that you might have to pay one or more hefty fines to HPD. Whether you are just now undergoing the registration process or you are already registered with HPD, we can provide you with the HPD signs that you need to comply with the Housing Maintenance Code and satisfy HPD during an inspection. We print signs fast to meet your timetable.


Ready to get started? Let's get you set up with your required HPD signs. To get a quote, please give us a call today at 1-877-SIGNAGE. We can deliver your signs straight to your address.